Lavender and Lace

It is a fabulous plant, one of my favourites and so easy to grow and maintain as it likes awful stoney soil and would rather not be watered much. The bees love it, it smells amazing and can be used for so many things.

Lavender oil is an antiseptic and anti inflammatory as well as having relaxing effects. It is used widely in cosmetics, balms, salves and sleep sprays.

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The flowers can be added to salads, dressings and can be candied and used as decoration. Also used in Lavender sugar, herbal teas and it goes very well with chocolate too (sold yet?)

Lovely Lavender is used in aromatherapy, the flowers repel insects and having some bags in the wardrobe will help and smell a whole lot better than mothballs (bleurrgh) Infusions can help soothe minor burns and insect bites and the dried flowers can help aid a restful nights sleep.

This one is my current favourite variety "Munstead" and I have a couple of plants that I harvest from every year. I would like to get more and make a mini hedge down the driveway.but one thing at a time!

The bees love French Lavender, I find the smell is less pronounced but as a bee lover I will keep plenty of it just for them. I love the purples against the green and for me, Lavender in full flower means cream teas, days out and high summer.lovely!

So, I have had some dried flowers in need of a home and with the Easter fair this weekend, I thought why not make up some pretty sachets with the floral fabric remnants (from some this space) and lots of lovely lace.

The house smelt AMAZING. There are also some rose petals and some dried hops in there as well. I had the best afternoon nap ever after making these up!

Home grown, home sewn and also rather cute. a lovely present. Can I give one to myself or does that defeat the object?

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