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Travis Jones, Rush Properties, purchases real estate from homeowners facing foreclosure in Kansas and Missouri. Jones provides a preferable alternative to foreclosure in many cases. Travis Jones of Rush Properties focuses specifically on residential parcels and is experienced in many common mortgage issues and obstacles.

Travis Jones and Rush Properties have served Johnson County homeowners, helping them to sell their land and structures for cash. Jones is respected by mortgage brokers and real estate attorneys, offering a last resort before a homeowner's lender attempts to recover an outstanding loan balance. According to Travis Jones of Rush Properties, a foreclosure consists of the lending Institute reprocessing a parcel of land with or without an existing structure. Travis Jones of Rush Properties is experienced in assisting homeowners during all phases of the foreclosure process and, in some cases, may be able to purchase a home even after it has been sold.

Formerly the President of Rush Properties, Travis Jones currently serves as the co-owner of Cherry Park Properties, LLC. Located in Olathe, Kansas, Cherry Park Properties works with clients up to the end of their Redemption Rights and/or prior to trustee sale, depending on location.

Travis Jones, Rush Properties, and Cherry Park Properties have offered homeowners in distress the expertise to make a decision on a home regardless of it's condition. Travis Jones enjoys relationships with many of the area's most efficient contractors and other service providers.

Outside of professional obligations, Travis Jones of Rush Properties is actively involved within the Johnson County community. There, Travis Jones has served his neighbors by volunteering at a local inner-city church providing meals for the homeless as well as volunteering for many Habitat for Humanity projects.

In his personal life, Travis Jones of Rush Properties is an active father and serves as a youth basketball coach. Along with his wife and three children, Travis Jones enjoys gardening and staying involved in their community.

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Cherry Park Properties, LLC and Rush Properties Inc. are separately owned and operated. Nothing in the foregoing is intended to or should be relied upon as any form of advice or recommendation to any person on any subject matter.

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