Serving Airdrie, Calgary and the surrounding area, Clay’s Lawn and Snow is one of the leading sod installation companies in the area. With unbeatable pricing, dependability, and quality of workmanship, there’s no question we are the right choice!

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Sod Installation Pricing

We offer some of the most competitive pricing on sod installation in the Calgary and Airdrie areas. Not only that, but our sod is only the highest quality and installed properly to produce a beautiful and healthy lawn overnight. Call now for an instant quote.

Blue Grass/ Red Fescue Mix Sod Installation

Nothing transforms a property like freshly installed sod, especially our unique combination of Blue Grass and Red Fescue sod. If you struggled with a thin lawn or weeds in the past, you will find that our grass is much more easily maintained. With thick grass growth there is little room for weeds. Not only are the weeds receiving less water, but the thick grass also shades out much of the sunshine. Your lawn will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

Sod can generally be installed very quickly. Most properties are one day in and out. Properly installed, your sod will flourish. All that’s required is proper watering and fertilization, and of course, we will provide you with all the instruction you will need to maintain your lawn.

Should you run into any sort of problem with your sod we will be here to backup our product providing the necessary support or replacement.

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