Clay’s Lawn and Snow offers complete management  of your land property. From lawn maintenance, property clean-up, and shrub trimming to winter snow removal, we have you covered!

Has a recent renovation left your building looking great but the property littered with construction  debris? Why would you settle for less than an immaculate lot to go with your new look? Let us take care of the unwanted rubble. Our equipment will do a fast and efficient clean-up for you.

When conventional mowing equipment can’t handle your overgrown brush, our heavy duty machinery will do the job.

Have your shrubs taken over, crowding your yard or parking lot, forcing your flowering plants into submission? Is there unwanted brush that you would like to be rid of permanently? We have the solution! Our experienced crew will leave your property looking neat and new.

Are weeds slowly choking out your once luxurious lawn? We can remove the infected soil and install brand new sod with hardy, beautiful new grass. Or we can help you eliminate the culprits and keep your lawn under control.

Winter snow and ice can wreck havoc with your property, reducing parking space and negatively impacting your business. Let us service you quickly with our reliable equipment and crew.

Whatever you require to keep your home, property, or business looking fresh and neat, we have the equipment, experience, and capable crew to meet your needs. Reliability, competitive prices, and efficient service are guaranteed.

Take your property to a new level with Clay’s Lawn and Snow.



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