Let Clay’s aerate your lawn for a healthier,more luxurious lawn. Pricing starts at $40 for an average sized lawn, with estimates provided for larger properties.

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What is Aeration?

Aeration is simply the perforating of soil to allow room for air, water, and fertilizing nutrients to penetrate right to the thirsty roots of your grass. This is done using either a spike or a plug aerator. The former makes holes in the sod, while the latter actually removes small plugs of grass and the underlying soil.

Why is Aeration Important?

Like humans, anything that prevents grass roots from getting what they need to grow well will stunt their growth.The more compacted the soil, the harder it is for air and water to seep through and circulate. When roots don’t get enough water, they are unable to absorb nutrients from the soil, whether natural or added as fertilizer.

Over time, soil becomes compacted due to heavy traffic such as little feet running around, bicycles criss-crossing your lot, the weight of snow and ice during winter seasons, and even the weight of gravity.

A thick patch of grass may also need aerating due to a build-up of dead grass and roots or leaves from previous autumns. This build-up is referred to as “thatch”. If your lawn feels spongy rather than springy when you walk on it, thatch is a problem.

Sometimes, a lawn that was sodded over soil of a coarser texture than that in the sods will lack moisture due to the difference in the two layers.

When to call Clay’s for aeration.

The best time is naturally during the growing season. Clay’s will advise you as to the optimum time for your climate and type of grass. Let Clay’s restore your lawn to its former beauty!

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