In business first impressions are everything. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that your commercial property lawn look immaculate at all times.

In addition to having very competitive rates, you can count on us to keep your lawn trimmed and well maintained all throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. We will work like clockwork to make your property something you don’t even need to think about!

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Commercial Spring Cleanup

  • General cleanup, leaves, garbage, fallen branches.
  • Repair damaged sod. Often times snowplows will damage sod. As a leader in the Calgary sod business, we are well qualified to repair these issues.
  • Aeration. We can aerate your lawn to make sure that it comes back strong and healthy for the summer season.
  • Preparing Flowerbeds for the Coming Season. Mulching etc.
  • Planting new flowers, shrubs etc. if desired.

Commercial Summer Lawn Maintenance

  • Weekly lawn cutting.
  • Weed control.
  • Flower bed maintenance.
  • Pruning of vegetation, trees etc.
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Commercial Fall Lawn Maintenance

  • Leaf blowing.
  • Preparing flowerbeds for winter.
  • Covering fragile plants and vegetation.
  • Fertilizing to promote a strong spring growth.

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