10 Rules On Hiring A Nanny

After hiring a nanny, many parents find themselves working through a lot of unspoken rules, dynamics and prospects. However, once you have left the house you have no idea what really happens. A couple of rules can really help you.

Choose The Nanny Well

The only way to ensure you have got the right nanny is ensuring you have done the recruitment well and what follows is a working relationship that is wholly healthy. Ensure you are not too much into the nanny or crumbling her efforts.

When A Nanny Is Called Mommy

Never feel hurt when the nanny is called mommy by your child, something every mother detests when their own flesh and blood is calling another woman mom. However, if you think it through, it is a wonderful sign that a child is bonding accordingly with the nanny and a normal growth phase. A nanny worth her title will take the opportunity to correct the baby especially when you have arrived or even calling her at work.

Spying On The Nanny

Avoid the urge of installing secret cameras to see what she is doing. Approach the nanny with any concern you might have and discuss it over. If the response you expected is not forthcoming, perhaps you chose the wrong person for the job.

The Nanny Should Not Be Treated Like Family

As the nanny remains with your child and family, she will continue to be a strong character in your familys life. While a good relationship will build her commitment and self-esteem, prioritize respect against intimacy.

Do Not Compel Her To Broaden House Duties

The last thing you should do is ask the nanny to scrub the bathroom beyond laundry, cleaning and cooking specifically for the child. Do not be compelled to ask her to broaden her clear housekeeping duties.

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Expect Some Jealousness

It is normal to feel a tinge of jealousness especially if the baby is your first. However, soon you will realize you are irreplaceable and things will be alright.

Seeing You More Often

You can talk with the nanny to find ways of letting the baby see you a lot, perhaps meeting you for lunch together with the baby or ensuring you are taking lunch at home every so often or let her call you during the course of the day.

Do Not Cut Her Salary

If your salary or income is affected and you find you do not have enough money, avoid cutting her salary, at least suddenly. The reason is because when you receive a raise probably she doesnt. Ensure the salary is enough for her to live by.

Deal With Employment Issues Deeply

At the start of your relationship, nail as many basics down as possible especially on employment. This includes such things as taking a vacation, perhaps after going for your own including backup solutions in case something happens and she has to travel or sickness.

Stock The Fridge Well

It is always important to ensure the refrigerator is well stocked, whether by the nanny or every day when you arrive from work. You can let her stock the food she likes. A nanny works full time for your child and does not eat outside but feeds on what you have in your home. It is not right to let her be in a perpetual longing for the food she loves.

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