Before you have a baby

In part one I gave my point on why it is a good idea to wait a little before having a baby. Now in this post I'd like to give you some ideas that for me are MUST DO's with your husband before joining the rolling coaster of motherhood. I clarifythat some if not all you can still do them with kids but it's just different.


During the almost 4 years that preluded our life with a baby, we made a habit to getaway at least once a year. I know and understand that moving in together brings a lot of expenses, but put away something, don't count on that and think that it is an investment, which it is. It doesn't have to be anything expensive or far away (if you can do it, just do it!!). What it DOES have to be is a place where both of you can relax, clear your minds and enjoy yourselves. We went to Punta Cana, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C, one year we couldn't spend much so we drove upstate to Catskills and enjoyed the same. Find activities that you both like, have never done before or are not easy to do where you live and experience them together. You can get many packages with all kinds of activities, (if you have short time and prefer to have things semi-scheduled) or you can find them at your destination, whatever works for you. We loved scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing. As I mentioned, the important thing is to reconnect with your significant other.

Of course you can still do this with kids, we are planning on doing it. But let's be honest!! you will never stop thinking in your baby, even if he's in perfect hands. Conclusion? Enjoy those trips where you can actually clear your mind.

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Did you know that babies need to go to bed early, otherwise they will have meltdowns? Or if you're lucky to have someone to babysit (if you're breastfeeding like me) a let down will let you know it's time to go home? Or that you will be so sleep-deprived and tired that you don't even want to go out? Now you know.

I have to admit that I don't really die for a night out (at the moment), I rather stay home and watch movies with my husband, read or sleep in his arms. But when we do it has to be planned, I have to see my baby has a good day, good naps. I have to make sure he's not overtired at bedtime (hoping he will not wake up while we're not home) pump, let bottle ready, (which I don't usually do and he doesn't take. But I just have more peace leaving him my milk just in case), arrange babysitter, try to get presentable duringthe 5 minutes left before leaving home. You see? Getting ready for a nightout was a ritual before. I would plan my outfit, do my hair, paint my nails, even go shopping if I needed something, now if I want to do that I have to start the night before and yet not be ready on time.

Go out carefree while you can and cherish it. After your baby is born it will be a little more complicated.


Even though this is one of the most obvious, I actually never thought about it and sometimes I even took it for granted. Sleep-in, sleep-in, sleep-in, SLEEP-IN!!!! Please don't think I'm sleep deprived because of course I AM ha. Yes sleep-in, watch movies all weekend long, order food and eatin bed as many as you want to. I think that it was one of our favorite pre-baby-life plans. Babies wake up early and unless they are newborns they wake up with so much energy that you cannot contain them to a bed or crib. Or is it just my baby? you have to make breakfast, feed baby, change a very dirty diaper, play and well at the end when nap time comes and you could possibly go back to sleep you're all awake and there is a house to clean. If you're pregnant, just one thing SLEEP-IN!! if the urge to pee let's you though.

These are my top three. The three I'm happy and thankful we did, the three that made our bond stronger, the three that allowed us to enjoy our love, the three we haven't been able to do in a while and won't be able to do in I don't know how long, because as much as hard and sacrificing this is, we want a bigger family.

I've got to give the deserved credit for this posting in part to I got the idea from something I read up on on their website.

Sources - Without fail you find a way help me to break it down and make the writing better than it was! - Thanks a lot for your late-night work Katie. - Without fail you always help me to break it down to make the article better. - Your grammatical capabilities are astounding! - Happy I discovered these people.

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