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Want to blog for business? So who is going to be your intended audience? Before you even set up your business blog, you need to figure out who you want your target audience to be. Read on to discover why that is so crucial and what you should consider as you select your target audience.

First of all, you're probably wondering why you need to decide on your audience up front. Why not start blogging and see who might show up?

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If you tried that, you'll risk getting an audience you won't like and that won't be interested in buying from you. That's if you're lucky enough to even get found.

If you aim for a specific readership, however, you can fully optimize and target your blog right from the start towards your favorite readers and visitors. And let's be real here. You have a business. So what you really want to attract is your prospects, right?

So in order to attract the audience you want to attract, you need to know what you're doing. It won't happen by itself.

And yes, you must do this before you get started because

Fully optimizing your blog starts with selecting the right domain name which will help your audience find you. Obviously, you need that domain name before you can even start your blog.

So once you accept that you must pick your target audience first, consider the following points as you select it:

a) Like Your Audience

Pick an audience you like. If you don't like your visitors and followers, you'll find it a pain to try to build rapport with them. In fact, if you ever hope to sell to people, you usually need them to like you back. And they can't like you back if you don't like them first.

b) Go for the Money

Pick an audience that has money. Lest you think this seems a bit shallow, consider this:

You want to make money with your blog, right? So if your audience doesn't have much money or isn't interested in spending any of it, then how are you going to make money from catering to them?

c) Target a Bull's Eye

Pick an audience that's specific and narrow enough so you can target them precisely. You want a bull's eye! Why?

If you target a highly specific and narrow audience, they'll feel spoken to and that will create a bond between your audience and you. And that's not surprising since after all, you ARE speaking to them.

Yet if you go for too broad a target audience, none of your readers will feel addressed, so instead of bookmarking your site and/or subscribing to it, they'll simply move on.

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