Network Marketing Leadership - Training Your Reps

As leaders in network marketing, it's easy to simply blow-off these types of comments and questions and move on to the next prospect, however not looking for, and addressing the root cause of the matter may very well be helping to perpetuate these types of comments. Network marketing leaders and distributors must recognize that there are two high level issues that prevent or delay new prospects from getting involved with network marketing.

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#1 Lack of Knowledge and Misinformation

Its a known fact that many network marketing companies don't provide sufficient training for it's representatives. Some companies depend on word of mouth and the ambition of the representative to get their people trained. And yet others charge high prices for training materials which limits it's availability to those that can afford to be trained. Now imagine one poorly trained distributor attempting to train a new representative. How likely is it that either one of them will be successful?

#2 Network Marketing Leaders and Responsibility

As a leader in your company and/or the network marketing industry, you can be part of the solution to these problems. You - the leader must take training your people seriously. By properly training your team, you reduce the number of people that get frustrated and quit before they learn what they should be doing and why they should be doing it, and at the same time you increase the number of people that can discern a real network marketing opportunity from a scam.

Today, new network marketing distributors are looking for fast results. We need to set their expectations, so that they understand what will be required on their part, to attain their desired results. In order for your new distributors to become successful, they must be trained on more than just the product and the company.

Each team member needs to understand the value they bring to the market place and how that value benefits customers and other team members. In addition, your team members need to understand that success in network marketing includes relationship building with each other, and that it is through helping each other as a team all members can become successful. Focus on truly helping people and success will surely follow.

Are you training your reps or at least making sure they know how to get the resources they need? Do you expect them to be successful? Your answers to these questions will impact the success of your team.

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