Holiday adventures (and inspiration)

Mr T and I decided to make it a total break and so the hooks, needles and yarn and most contact with the world of social networks we're all left behind and went in search of other kinds of adventures.Swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, star-gazing, fishing, hiking and mountain biking. There was also consumption of copious amounts of cider and a very successful fishing trip off Swanage Pier for me..mackerel and pollack which we're barbequed the same evening YUMMSTER!

Whilst having a 'creative time out' I found myself getting inspired by stuff I would not normally noticewell I would noticejust not in the same amount of detail. How amazing are colours in nature? Have you ever really looked? I am a big fan of the blues and greens on the old colour spectrum and our time away had these in acres.

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I haven't seen water this clear and blue for a long time, and I have to say it was pretty good to swim in as well. We both have shortie wetsuits which help-not sure I would have braved the temperature in just a swimsuit(well I might have I guess.just not been as comfortable or stayed in as long)

I liked this one.I like anything with pebbles and pretty sea blues and greens. I am an utter water baby and If Cambridge could have a coast like this it would be basically perfect. I have always wanted to live by the sea, I just feel so relaxed when I can see and hear it.

So we went on a rather epic snorkel at Kimmeridge Bay, there is an actual snorkel trail in the bay, marked out with buoys. The COLOURS under the water we're just incredible, the seaweeds, anemones and fish. The Wrasse had vivid lime green and burgundy stripes and the under water flora was bright yellow, red, pink, green and even purple

Please do not be alarmedour little Wrasse friend went straight back in the water and swam back to his little fish buddies. 'No animals we're harmed in the writing of this blog'. I hope you can see the colours on him, such a pretty little guy/girl (who knows with fish?)

It was actually Mr T's idea one evening (I blame the cider) 'Why don't you make a holiday quilt'. Yes I was also rather surprised to hear this. I think he also has a blue-green-burgundy-purple thing going onso come payday I will be going wool this space!

Can we go back to Dorset now please?.

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