The VA Relocation Assistance Program for Fort Lewis

Essentially, the VA relocation program is providing VA borrowers around Fort Lewis the opportunity to forego a foreclosure. In order to avoid Washington borrowers from hurting their credit score and having to wait extended periods of time to purchase another home, the VA provides Washington lenders and borrowers incentives to conduct a short sale. Also realize that the VA treats the assistance as reimbursable to lenders and rolls it into the debt you owe after selling your home around Fort Lewis.

The VA recommends that, as a prudent VA borrower around Fort Lewis, you should first consider retention alternatives. By retention the VA means you should seek other VA assistance in order to not conduct a short sale of your Washington home.

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The intent of the relocation assistance is to help you pay for the move from the Fort Lewis area and any necessary lodging. From the lenders perspective, someone from the Fort Lewis area will be much more likely to take care of the home if it has to be sold. Foreclosures typically end with the borrower moving from the Fort Lewis or Washington area and leaving the home depreciated.

This is a great program the VA provides and is generally a good final alternative. Conducting a foreclosure on your VA home around Fort Lewis may seem like a good alternative but ultimately catches up with you. Take the time to work with your Washington lender and explore every possibility. In truth, it's in the interest of both parties to work out a solution with your VA loan.

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